A Very Specific Guide to Holiday RomComs on Netflix

Have you ever found yourself mindlessly scrolling through Netflix wondering which holiday romantic comedy is perfect for you? Let me see if I can help! After two days of watching nothing but this genre, I really hope I can help...I mean I watched for me, I wanted it...but eleven movies in two days? If I... Continue Reading →

The Internet Gets Sassy About Toilets

I was never more fulfilled than when I was writing about the messy parts of my life. So let's get twisted.  *Cracks knuckles* *Cracks neck*  *Cracks ankles*  Do your ankles crack too? Isn't that a weird feeling?  I have experienced numerous toilet related dreams, primarily in the past couple of years. These dreams often involve... Continue Reading →

Archer Gif Guide

Today I'd like to bring to you my favorite Archer gifs for all the situations. Every character offers their own unique spiciness, and knowing when you need each one is some serious business. So don't worry, I got you. Lana's iconic 'nope' is, by far, the go-to for when you're just done with people's shit.... Continue Reading →

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