Hi. I’m Orchid.

Hello everyone! The name’s *******  …which has clearly been redacted …which means you can call me Orchid :)

I’m a 27-Year-Old-Masters-Holding-Adult-Who-Is-Still-Trying-To-Figure-It-Out. I write for self care. And you know what? It works!

Head over to My Recent Clippings in the menu to see my latest plantings! And thank you for choosing to take a stroll with me! 

Also. Here’s a picture of my cat being a badass. I know you didn’t ask. 



68 thoughts on “Hi. I’m Orchid.

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      1. Hi Jade,
        I briefly reviewed some of your works and ,girl, you have a gift, especially the touch of humour you render. I’ll be back to read a lot more.
        With best regards for always,

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          1. Hi Jade, you’re very welcome. I’m just being honest. Really liked how you bring humour into your work. I’m really eager to go through the rest of your work. I’ll take my time, but as Arnie says “I’ll be back”. ;) .

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  1. Hi Jade. Thanks you for visiting my blog and actually reading one of my poems, at least, I assume you read it. Unless of course you just clicked “like” and went on to something more interesting. And who could blame you for that? I think Harry Stiles is currently dating both my twin daughters so you may have to wait. Sorry.

    Anyway, thanks again and if you have more time to waste, feel free to visit again.
    PS. I’m following you now. (No not stalking!)


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  2. I love your blog! (As you can tell by my commenting on your stuff)
    I like the way you think and ponder and I hope I learn some interesting things from you.
    Thanks for liking my post because I wouldn’t have gotten the chance to look around here

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  3. As things on blogs go, I happened to get to know of the existence your blog after you somehow found mine and liked my poem, (thank you) so I thought I would come and see what you are about. And the first thing that made me tingle all over was your All Time Low quote (as you put it in a comment somewhere up here) I haven’t even looked at the rest yet, but I am on my way and I have a feeling I will like it

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    1. Well thanks! That’s swell of you to say! I really do have a lot of love for this blog. And of course for all of you lovely people reading and leaving me comments. Honestly, that’s what makes it all worth it :)


      1. She’s been set on it for a while now, and is so interested in it! I’ll tell her you say it’s a good call ;)


  4. Hello Little Orchid!

    I just wanted to let u know that I am now stalking you – I mean following u – on instagram. i am 36stephen. I should warn u that there is a serious lack of Ryan Gosling and Harry Stiles. That deficiency aside, I think u might like it if u have more time to waste!


  5. How did you ever come across one of my poems? I’m quite taken aback by it, I’ve never actually passed 10 likes on WordPress! just stopped by to say thank you :D

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        1. Hmm I’m not sure how “fun” of a fact I can really offer…let me see…criminal “profiling” is one of the biggest misconceptions of what our field actually does (thanks popular media). In fact, if you aspire to be a criminal profiler, you’re in the wrong field as profilers typically have a background in law enforcement, not psychology.

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    1. Yeah! Psychology students unite!! (we should really have a secret hand signal or something…though I suppose that would be hard to relay over the internet…) Thanks for the read and follow! You rock on!


  6. Dear Jade, I really enjoyed reading your posts. You come across as brutally honest, and I mean that in a good way. And you believe in doing something with your life. BTW, forensic psychology sounds terrific; thrill plus thinking- ah! Keep up the good work…

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    1. It’s funny you should mention it, because I often HAVE been described as brutally honest haha we’re basically friends already! Thank you for stopping by! It’s much appreciated, you lovely human :)


  7. Growing up in the 60’s left me no choice.. you were a hippie, or a geek with a pen holder in your shirt pocket or be a jock. Neither appealing to me but not at all with a feeling of prejudice… in fact some were my best friends lol


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