Schedule A Tour!

This page has no purpose. If you came here looking for one, I’m….nope, you know what, I’m not even sorry about disappointing you. Consider this an educational experience about the dangers of clicking on random links on the internet.

Really the only purpose of this page was to have another tab to add to my menu bar. I just REALLY hated all that blank space [insert perfect Taylor Swift joke here] present on the menu. You know the one. Or I’m assuming you know the one as you had to get to this page somehow. But what do I know. Maybe you close your eyes and randomly click on things for 10-15 minutes and see where you end up. Perhaps you’ve even turned it into some kind of drinking game. Listen, I’m not here to judge.

But now that I have you here, may I suggest taking a nice leisurely stroll through the rest of my blog. We’ve been having lovely weather recently. I really think you’ll quite enjoy yourself. And if you don’t, I’m sorry but all purchases were final.

And if you have already been on a tour of the grounds here, then may I just say: You’re pretty.

Don’t worry if you haven’t been on the tour yet, you’re (of course) still pretty*. I’m just not going to tell you. Because…this wasn’t me telling you how pretty you are…nope…that’s not what just happened…

*no exclusions apply

**please schedule tours 1.77 minutes in advance

***cancellations must be made NEVER

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  1. Hi…just randomly clicking like buttons. They all seem to work so far. I like your blog so it made all that button pushing easy.


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