One List To Rule Them All

Also known as the closest this blog will ever get to Inception…or Leonardo DiCaprio.

Life Lessons on the El

Upsets and Downfalls of Dating a Blogger

Things I (like Jenna Marbles) Don’t Have Time For

14 Things At The End of 2014

That “It’s-only-48-hours-into-2015-how-have-I-made-this-many-mistakes” Feeling

My Life Is A Train Station

YOU KNOW NOTHING JON SNOW! (and I HAVE nothing Jon Snow)

Valentine’s Day: The New Halloween

How To Single When The Single-ing Gets Tough

Bad Like Only We Can Be

Yo Tell Me What You Want (not that I’ll care).

Confessions of a Blogger

This Post Does Not Qualify as a List

There’s Someone You Shouldn’t Trust (I can’t tell you who).

The Truth About Birthdays (if by “truth” I meant totally opinionated pseudo-facts)

Not-Dates are Basically Dates if You Do it Right.

Snapchat: A Story of How You’re Doing It Wrong

Wait, Do I Swipe Right or Left?

y’all have any weird quirks? like for example, you have things that you just can’t think too hard about or you’ll legitimately freak the fuck out? no? yeah, right…me either….uh, don’t click on this link…

y’all would not believe how many people are interested in lists on tinder…I’m telling you, I think there might be an entire underground network…

I’d Rather Have The Stomach Flu Than Go On A Date With You (this is a perfect example of a time when knowing the difference between ‘then’ and ‘than’ is crucial).

Exposé of a Random Thing: The Chilling Story of No Endings

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