Poetry Corner….Or Tab….Whatever

If you missed out on any of our poetry get togethers, you’re in luck! Because I happen to keep very pristine records of all such meetings….plus I really like pages with hyperlinks….

Poetry Corner Night One

Poetry Corner Night Two

Poetry Corner Night Three

Poetry Corner Night Four

Poetry Corner Night Five

Poetry Corner Night Six: The Pre-Valentine’s Day Let Down

Poetry Corner Night Seven: I’m Not Sad But My Writing Doesn’t Know That

Poetry Corner Night Eight: Okay, Maybe I’m A Little Sad But Not This Sad

Poetry Corner Night Nine: Storytelling. I Think That’s What This Is

Poetry Corner Night Ten: Post NAPOWRIMO Hiatus

#LoveWins ….unless of course I’m the one writing about it then it’s more like #FuckLoveSingleForeverDealingWithIt

Poetry Corner Night # 12: I’m Feeling Like Feelings…and I’m hungry…so ya know, the usual

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