on white privilege

if you can take your leave during this conversation

that’s a privilege that you possess 

why don’t you try this out instead 

take a knee, look around and see 

the racial inequalities that fill this country’s head 

don’t stop at asking why people are angry 

because that’s what you see on the surface 

look deeper below and see what flows 

throughout this country and hurts us

racial ideologies proliferated throughout centuries 

years of injustice, devaluing, and pain

do you really think your frustration over damaged properties 

could ever be the same?

if the protests brought more words to your mouth 

than did the brutal murder of black lives 

it’s on you to check what that’s about

let white privilege be your guide 

take a walk through history 

see how being white has benefited us in society 

understand that you can refuse to take these steps

but not without acknowledging that it’s privilege 

allowing you to walk away from what upsets

you can choose to ignore racial discrimination

because it doesn’t affect your life 

if you choose this action 

ask the question why 

why can you meet a police officer 

without fear of being shot

why when you learn of national heritage

is it those of your race being taught 

why when you go shopping 

are you not followed and harassed

why can you turn on the tv 

and see faces of your race broadcast 

why are you not asked to speak 

for all people who are white 

why can you turn on the news 

and widely see coverage of those you’re like

acknowledging white privilege 

doesn’t invalidate pain in your life that’s been 

but it does come with an understanding 

that it’s never because of the color of your skin 

so as you are reacting to all the news that you see 

ask yourself those questions why

open up with compassion and curiosity

and let the context of white privilege be your guide 





There are many, many more organizations available to show your support and allyship, whether through donations, protesting, or signing petitions.

To my white friends: let’s give ourselves the space to explore our white privilege, to listen to the message of the movement, to lift up the voices of black lives, and to understand the centuries of racial discrimination our country was built on.


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