Now Taking Requests!

I’m not about being selfish, unless we’re talking about (a) pizza or (b) sharing [insert hot celebrity here] in which case the answer will always be no.

That being said, I’m interested in hearing from YOU! Consider this my official request to…uh…well, know if YOU have any requests.

Now I won’t be so bold as to make any promises that I can always deliver. What I can promise is to always read whatever comments you post here. I also make no promises as to my reactions of your said postings. Not that it will really matter as none of you will ever see these reactions first hand. And if you ever do see them, my lawyer will be in touch with you shortly.

But if I think I can write about it, then write I shall.

*please allow 3-5 business days for your order to process

*standard shipping rates may apply

3 thoughts on “Now Taking Requests!

Add yours

  1. I want you to write something that represents an eternal struggle between, I dunno, anything – the mind and the heart or whatever. But I feel (and I don’t know why) if you wrote a poem about struggling then it’d be the best think I ever read.

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