I’m a Posher Now!

So, I recently joined Poshmark, and I’d like to tell you about it. The long story short is that I was interested in a way to earn some extra money, but also tap into my need to be creative. Naturally, the first thing I did was draft up a list of talents…which did not take long. I like to write, of course, but I’m not sure I can realistically earn money doing this. I am aware that people do, I just have no clue how to be one of them. Thus, I moved onto my next talent. Or rather I tried. Admittedly, I just couldn’t think of anything else I was any good at doing -I can’t play an instrument, I can’t create art, I can’t act (I can, however, put my cat’s face on merchandise for absolutely no reason –see this post for details.)

Basically, I was like, “oh shit, that’s right, I don’t have any other creative skills.” That’s not when the idea to try to sell on Poshmark occurred to me though. That’s a different story. A story of watching Marie Kondo’s Netflix show and feeling inspired to see what sparked joy in my closet. Five garbage bags of clothes later (don’t look at me like that, I know) is when the idea to join Poshmark came to me.

I thoroughly love thrift shopping, and I’ve always had this idea of opening a resale shop one day. It is a frequently reoccuring daydream about owning something of my own. I love thrifting because I think there’s something really special about the process: finding that hidden gem, that piece that people aren’t going to be able to go buy out of a store anymore, seeing firsthand the way someone cared for that clothing before it came to you. Maybe it sounds cheesy, but I think there’s something spiritual about this. Not to mention, I love the concept of recycling clothing when so much comes mass produced and wearing my-heart-just-skipped-a-beat price tags. So as not to be misleading or soapbox-y, I don’t always buy my clothing secondhand. I do donate it when I’m done with it though, and that’s where idea of Poshmark reenters.

After I went through Marie Kondo’s process, I realized how many things I was holding onto because I do love them, I just don’t love them on me anymore. It was hard to part with them because I think they’re still really nice pieces and I didn’t want to give them away without ever knowing what would happen to them (for example, my ‘there’s a wocket in my pocket’ t-shirt I’ve had since the beginning of time). The more I thought about attempting to sell things on Poshmark, the more excited I got. I mean, it’s basically my own online thrift store. I get to clear out my closet, and I get to know that some of my beloved pieces are going to someone who took the time to find them. And want to know one last perk to tie this whole post together? It feels like I’m doing something creative! I get to take photos of my clothing to sell (including trying pieces on to show fit, which is a totally legitimate reason to play dress up). I get to write descriptions of my clothing, I get to share and connect with other Poshers, I get to package things up when they sell, and when I need it, I have a thrift shop literally in the palm of my hand.

I’m two sales in (one being the aforementioned ‘wocket in my pocket’ shirt, which filled my heart with so much happiness). I have no idea how successful I will actually be, but it sure is fun! And right now, I’m really focusing on finding enjoyment in the things I do. If you want to check out the items I am selling, I’ve attached a link below to my Poshmark closet! Wish me luck!

Click Here to Visit My Closet



Long story short, I got bored and decided to put my cat on merchandise. Sure, no one was asking, but it just feels right having her face out there in the world. You can follow the link below if you want to see how she looks on a tote bag.

Spoilers, it’s amazing.



Yes, This Post is Actually About Shower Curtains.

What the actual hell is up with shower curtains for clawfoot tubs? I am 100% serious on this. Trust me, I never thought I would be this angry about shower curtains either, but here we are.

When my partner and I moved into our new apartment, we did not inherit a clawfoot tub, BUT we did inherit half of one… Specifically the shower curtain half. Our tub itself is normal, but the shower curtain rod is an L-shape as the tub only sits against two walls.

I’ve been looking on and off since approximately September to find a shower curtain that will fit. And I have HAD IT. An affordable one simply does not exist. Sure, I’ve found XL shower curtains on Amazon, but I refuse to spend $80 on this. Particularly considering my cat likes to use the bathtub as a playground. Anything hanging in there will likely meet a pair of claws during its lifetime.

But more insulting than prices alone is the false advertising I’m running into. After I gave up on finding a shower curtain that was the perfect size, I thought, “Well, let me just see about shower curtains for Clawfoot tubs. I can deal with one that’s too big.” What followed was infuriating. Curtain after curtain that was pictured in use with a clawfoot tub -AND YET- the curtain itself was just your standard curtain size. Nothing special about it.

I started to question everything I know. Do people buy two shower curtains for clawfoot tubs? One for each side? Is there a speciality store I don’t know about? Is this post, like, really boring? That last question is just coming to me now. And arguably, it’s probably the most pertinent. Am I really over here writing about shower curtains? Yes, it would seem so. And I am already in too deep.

Consider this a plea to all those out there with irregularly shaped showers. Where did you find your curtain? What secrets do you have? I am also open to receiving non shower curtain related secrets -they’re just fun, ya know?

Anywho, thanks for letting me rant about my shower curtain woes. I feel better getting it off my chest. Perhaps not as good as I would feel if I owned a shower curtain that kept all the warmth inside because it actually fit all the way around the tub, but the feelings pretty close.

If you are looking for something more to take away at the end of this so as to combat that feeling that you’ve just wasted five minutes of your day, I will leave you with this:

“You cannot protect yourself from sadness without protecting yourself from happiness” -Jonathan Safran Foer.

Thus I will approach my dilemma with a willingness to sit with this frustration of a too-small shower curtain. I will experience this so that I may also experience the happiness that comes with a nice, hot shower on a chilly winter day.

Amazon Reviews Are My New Spirit Fuel

I’ve recently discovered a new hobby. Writing reviews on Amazon counts as a hobby right? I’m taking immense pleasure in reviewing products that I love and I am proud to say that my Reviewer Ranking is #2,658,361. Sure, I have no idea how many reviewers there are total, but I’ve also received 2 helpful votes so, like, I’m probably not last? For those two people out there, I hope I aided your decision to try Tiki Cat Aloha Friends Grain Free Wet Cat Food Variety Pack and Makeup Brush Travel Case Holder Portable PU Leather Makeup Bag Organizer Storage Cup Holders For Travel Vanity Bathroom Countertop Gift(Flower). And I sincerely mean that. When it comes to purchasing a product on Amazon, I will spend literal hours pouring through customer reviews before reaching a verdict.

For example, over the course of two days, I once spent far too long (i.e., over 15 minutes) researching product reviews for retractable ID badge holders. If I hadn’t spent this time, I would not have learned that the people who buy badge holders are not the kind of people who leave extensive product reviews. Their idea of a thorough review are things along the lines of “worked well” and “does what it’s supposed to.” Pretty insightful stuff. If I had forgone Amazon reviews, I also would not have a bag of retractable ID badges right now because the most important thing that I learned is that they will all break eventually so why not buy in bulk.

Anyway, I’d like to share with you my favorite product review I’ve written so far. It is as follows:

Salonpas Pain Relieving Patches

Period Essential! Doubles as Perfume!

Sometimes these are the only things that keep me going during grueling periods. Highly recommend popping these on your ovaries (front and back) and watching how much easier it is to get through the day without punching anyone. Plus, who doesn’t love wearing a subtle menthol perfume?

Yes, I was delirious on menstrual symptoms at the time, but no truer words have I possibly ever written. I laughed as I wrote this, and it felt so good. That’s when I realized there are many ways to engage in creative writing outside of this blog. Who the hell cares if posting Amazon reviews isn’t a conventional hobby? When it comes to self-care, I want to think outside the box and allow myself to find things my spirit connects with. I want to fuel my creative soul in whatever way I can so that I may keep that flame bright and avoid burning out.   

So, does anyone else review products for fun?

There and Back Again.

Hi. This is awkward. It’s awkward isn’t it? I haven’t been here since July 7th 2017. So I’m just going to get this out there: I totally ghosted this blog. Hard. Not to mention all the lovely people who have provided me with feedback and support on here. I have a half written post from May 7th 2017, and that’s it. I haven’t even written since then (unless we’re counting comments of ‘aww’ on Reddit cat posts, which I doubt we are). And so many times I’ve started drafting posts in my head, but I haven’t followed through. And the last several months or so that’s really been eating away at me. Because I LOVE writing. I can’t draw -yep, not even so much as a proportionate stick figure. Writing is the one thing I can do (don’t worry, I can also read).

I think part of the problem is that I have felt like I’ve lost my voice. Like, what even is this blog? Do you know what I mean? When I look back over the content, I love what I’ve accomplished, so it’s not about that. But I don’t know how to move forward. I’m in a different place in my life now, and I can’t exactly write like I used to. But it also doesn’t feel like I can’t NOT write (whoa double negative, so sorry, it’s been awhile. I’m going to go ahead and power through though so as not to lose this momentum I’m feeling).

Basically, this post right now is an exercise in Figuring Your Shit Out. Usually when I sit down to write something I have a half formed plan in my mind of what I’m going to say. Not today ladies and gentleman. Today we lean in and see what happens. This could end in joyous tears or a total meltdown. Actually scratch that: either of those things can happen, but the one thing that CANNOT happen is for this to end. I don’t care if it’s on this blog or in the pages of a notebook – I HAVE TO KEEP WRITING. Because not having this creative outlet feels like suffocating. And trust me, I have asthma, I know what it feels like not to breathe. And going over a year without writing for the fun of it feels exactly like not breathing.

I’ve got to admit, having this blog as a space to write keeps me accountable to my creativity. Which is why I opened up it’s pages and started to brush away the dust that’s been collecting. I’ve found that I don’t love my site address as much as I used to, and that’s okay. It feels like greeting an old friend and finding out that you don’t quite know how to talk to each other anymore (plus, I’ve completely forgotten how to navigate wordpress *insert dizzy face emoji here*). It might take time to relearn what it’s like to be with each other, but it can also be an exciting experience, to see how each has grown. And as I start to look through old posts, I’m reminded of the good times and the bad times. This grounds me in knowing that these times will continue and I can show up for all of it.

And, hey, you know what? This doesn’t feel so awkward anymore!