Archer Gif Guide

Today I’d like to bring to you my favorite Archer gifs for all the situations. Every character offers their own unique spiciness, and knowing when you need each one is some serious business. So don’t worry, I got you.



Lana’s iconic ‘nope’ is, by far, the go-to for when you’re just done with people’s shit. Her whole thing (at any given time really) is being over it, so this one’s a no brainer. Not to mention, she can really motivate a crowd ↓↓



We all have a bit of Cheryl in us. And let’s face it, we love it. She’s your go-to girl for when theatrics are in order and when you’re feeling just a little (or a lot) wild. I mean, who else are you going to quote when you’re trying to channel that yes-I-have-a-pet-ocelot vibe?


Cheryl makes her own rules and we are 100% here for it.


When you’re feeling incredibly comfortable with who you are, Pam Poovey is where it’s at. Who else can tell it how it is, while completely naked, like a boss?


Feeling sassy? So is Ray Gillette, like, all the time.


Cyril Figgis is the best representation of I’m-not-sure-I’m-contributing-much-but-hey-I’m-along-for-the-ride.


Feeling mysterious? No one is going to capture that mood for you quite the way Dr. Krieger can.

giphy-6    giphy-7

If you’re rocking that I’m-older-than-you-and-I-absolutely-know-better condescending thing, there’s no way you aren’t channeling a little Mallory Archer.

giphy-8  tumblr_mazeshfewk1ruuum2.gif  giphy-10  giphy-9  4ZRc.gif

Seriously, these are too good not to have saved directly to your emergency gif folder.

And, of course, we couldn’t wrap up this post without some Sterling Archer. His way with words speaks to my soul.

giphy-16  giphy-12 giphy-15

And actually, he doesn’t even have to use words.

giphy-13  giphy

I hope these gifs will assist you in your hour of need (if the Bloody Mary’s don’t). Because not having the perfect reaction gif can put you straight into the Danger Zone.



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