Yes, This Post is Actually About Shower Curtains.

What the actual hell is up with shower curtains for clawfoot tubs? I am 100% serious on this. Trust me, I never thought I would be this angry about shower curtains either, but here we are.

When my partner and I moved into our new apartment, we did not inherit a clawfoot tub, BUT we did inherit half of one… Specifically the shower curtain half. Our tub itself is normal, but the shower curtain rod is an L-shape as the tub only sits against two walls.

I’ve been looking on and off since approximately September to find a shower curtain that will fit. And I have HAD IT. An affordable one simply does not exist. Sure, I’ve found XL shower curtains on Amazon, but I refuse to spend $80 on this. Particularly considering my cat likes to use the bathtub as a playground. Anything hanging in there will likely meet a pair of claws during its lifetime.

But more insulting than prices alone is the false advertising I’m running into. After I gave up on finding a shower curtain that was the perfect size, I thought, “Well, let me just see about shower curtains for Clawfoot tubs. I can deal with one that’s too big.” What followed was infuriating. Curtain after curtain that was pictured in use with a clawfoot tub -AND YET- the curtain itself was just your standard curtain size. Nothing special about it.

I started to question everything I know. Do people buy two shower curtains for clawfoot tubs? One for each side? Is there a speciality store I don’t know about? Is this post, like, really boring? That last question is just coming to me now. And arguably, it’s probably the most pertinent. Am I really over here writing about shower curtains? Yes, it would seem so. And I am already in too deep.

Consider this a plea to all those out there with irregularly shaped showers. Where did you find your curtain? What secrets do you have? I am also open to receiving non shower curtain related secrets -they’re just fun, ya know?

Anywho, thanks for letting me rant about my shower curtain woes. I feel better getting it off my chest. Perhaps not as good as I would feel if I owned a shower curtain that kept all the warmth inside because it actually fit all the way around the tub, but the feelings pretty close.

If you are looking for something more to take away at the end of this so as to combat that feeling that you’ve just wasted five minutes of your day, I will leave you with this:

“You cannot protect yourself from sadness without protecting yourself from happiness” -Jonathan Safran Foer.

Thus I will approach my dilemma with a willingness to sit with this frustration of a too-small shower curtain. I will experience this so that I may also experience the happiness that comes with a nice, hot shower on a chilly winter day.


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