Amazon Reviews Are My New Spirit Fuel

I’ve recently discovered a new hobby. Writing reviews on Amazon counts as a hobby right? I’m taking immense pleasure in reviewing products that I love and I am proud to say that my Reviewer Ranking is #2,658,361. Sure, I have no idea how many reviewers there are total, but I’ve also received 2 helpful votes so, like, I’m probably not last? For those two people out there, I hope I aided your decision to try Tiki Cat Aloha Friends Grain Free Wet Cat Food Variety Pack and Makeup Brush Travel Case Holder Portable PU Leather Makeup Bag Organizer Storage Cup Holders For Travel Vanity Bathroom Countertop Gift(Flower). And I sincerely mean that. When it comes to purchasing a product on Amazon, I will spend literal hours pouring through customer reviews before reaching a verdict.

For example, over the course of two days, I once spent far too long (i.e., over 15 minutes) researching product reviews for retractable ID badge holders. If I hadn’t spent this time, I would not have learned that the people who buy badge holders are not the kind of people who leave extensive product reviews. Their idea of a thorough review are things along the lines of “worked well” and “does what it’s supposed to.” Pretty insightful stuff. If I had forgone Amazon reviews, I also would not have a bag of retractable ID badges right now because the most important thing that I learned is that they will all break eventually so why not buy in bulk.

Anyway, I’d like to share with you my favorite product review I’ve written so far. It is as follows:

Salonpas Pain Relieving Patches

Period Essential! Doubles as Perfume!

Sometimes these are the only things that keep me going during grueling periods. Highly recommend popping these on your ovaries (front and back) and watching how much easier it is to get through the day without punching anyone. Plus, who doesn’t love wearing a subtle menthol perfume?

Yes, I was delirious on menstrual symptoms at the time, but no truer words have I possibly ever written. I laughed as I wrote this, and it felt so good. That’s when I realized there are many ways to engage in creative writing outside of this blog. Who the hell cares if posting Amazon reviews isn’t a conventional hobby? When it comes to self-care, I want to think outside the box and allow myself to find things my spirit connects with. I want to fuel my creative soul in whatever way I can so that I may keep that flame bright and avoid burning out.   

So, does anyone else review products for fun?


2 thoughts on “Amazon Reviews Are My New Spirit Fuel

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  1. What a great thing for the self-care tips list! Very creative idea; and you definitely have a knack for witty writing! 😊
    Separate note, I’m terrible about reviewing but scour them like you before purchase, so I greatly appreciate you!

    Liked by 1 person

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